Monday, January 21, 2008

Judy is...

A short FaceBook fiction

"Judy is … "

The small entry box stood there blankly, prompting Judy to type something interesting, witty, comical or clever. Just waiting, but Judy couldn't think of anything. One by one options crossed her mind, and one by one she rejected them as uninteresting, too much information, or just plain silly. And the unerringly cursor blinked at her, eagerly waiting a status update.

Truth be told, Judy was a little scared of FaceBook. She knew how it fascinated people, capturing unforeseen hours, addicting the user. Indeed, one of the first applications she had been prompted to install was FB Addict! It all seemed rather ironic, really. And yet, here she was again for what was it, the fourth time today? Time was getting on, and the dishes needed doing. Just this one little thing, she thought sleepily. And still, Update Status waited, blinking.

"Judy is … 5' 6" tall". No, that won't do.
"Judy is … being Judy". Hmm… well, what else what I would be?
"Judy is … fat and ugly". Hey! No, I don't want say that to the world!
"Judy is … "

Oh, Hang on!

"Judy is sick and tired of facebook!" Yep, that'll do it, she thought, shutting down the computer. Yawning, she glanced down at the clock before it popped out of view. 12:28 am. Oh well, it'll do until tomorrow. I'm sure I'll think of something better then.